WG1 – Collaborative Economy Practices and Communities

WG1 leaders: Penny Travlou and Airi Lampinen

The objective of WG1 is to systematically analyse practices of digitally-mediated collaborative economies. In particular, the activities depicted will build on in-depth ethnographic studies of selected cases that provide insights on the practices involved and on the forms community aggregates around these practices.

The goal of the WG is to produce an online repository of the case studies, as well as initiating a directory of people involved in various aspects of the European collaborative economy. By bringing together different case studies conducted by the partners on practices in the context of the collaborative economy and comparing them to other related works from the domain, the WG aims at building a basis for developing a multi-faceted view on sharing and caring practices and develop a theoretical framework to interpret and classify the different cases. The aim will be to provide a systematic and comprehensive theoretical perspective that aligns the collected findings and can serve as a taxonomy and guide for further research.

Task list

T1.1 Coordinating online and face to face ethnographic research on selected case studies

T1.2 Development of a socio-technical theoretical framework for the collaborative economy

Deliverable list

D1.1 Online repository of case studies and online directory of people

D1.2 Peer-reviewed publication on the theoretical framework and taxonomy