WG3 – Impacts of the Collaborative Economy

WG3 leaders: Volkmar Pipek and Christian Frankel

WG3 will be based on the collection of case studies produced in WG1 and it will examine these with regard to their economical, social and ethical impacts. The overarching objective is to explore domain specific issues related to the collaborative economy implementations and their impact on society – people, public institutions, cooperatives, not-for profit, or companies. The aim is twofold: 1) to develop a methodology to assess the ethical, legal, and social consequences of the emerging collaborative economies; and 2) to identify guidelines for the design of new platforms that consider the interrelation of practices and artefacts with ethical, legal and social issues.

Task list

T3.1 Develop a methodology to assess the social impact of collaborative platforms

T3.2 Identify social and technical guidelines for the design of new platforms

Deliverable list

D3.1 Specific section on the online repository on the social impact of the studied cases

D3.2 White paper on the social implications of design and development of future platforms (downloadable from the website)