WG4 – Mechanisms to Activate and Support the Collaborative Economy

WG4 leaders: Maurizio Teli and Alex Pazaitis

If WG1, WG2, and WG3 are dealing with an analysis of established cases of collaborative economy, WG4 will focus on the moment in which the selected collaborative economy cases have emerged, in order to identify what allows them to pass from an emerging phase to a certain kind of stability. That implies questioning the power structures they enact, the way value is produced and distributed, how production is organized, and how existing institutions support the collaborative practices at stake. Summarizing, it means to understand both the governance of collaborative economy and the way work is organized, in order to provide policy briefs that can promote the strengthening of inclusive cases of collaborative economy.

Task list

T4.1 Socio-technical study of the emergence of the selected cases

T4.2 Inductive elaboration on the role of governance and work in achieving success

Deliverable list

D4.1 Specific section on the online repository on the governance of the studied cases

D4.2 White paper on the policy briefs to support future platforms (downloadable from the website)